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More and more, we are faced with challenges in managing  highly skilled workforce in different sectors and industries. The employment dynamic has indeed changed in significant ways in recent decades:

  • The tendency to change jobs is growing.
  • For example, in Montérégie, only 25% of open positions in 2014 are new jobs, so it is assumed that 75% of recruitment efforts concern the movement of resources between companies in the region.
  • 91% of millennials (those born between 1977 and 1997) plan to stay in the same job for less than 3 years, according to Forbes Magazine.



  • Benefit from the high expertise of the specialists in synergistic areas.
  • Facilitate access to resources via a systematic platform that manages movement of active resources.
  • Identify and implement proactive management solutions in the labor market via a pool of available resources, including the young, the self-employed and the retirees.
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